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Preparing for your NDIS planning meeting

By October 14, 2021November 17th, 2021No Comments

It’s worth taking a little time to prepare, so that you get the most out of your planning meeting. Remember, what you discuss at this meeting is the foundation for your NDIS plan, so it’s important to be thorough and proactive in asking questions and seeking solutions. 


Common questions you might be asked include: 

  • your personal details;
  • your community and mainstream supports;
  • how to manage every day activities;
  • your safety, including equipment, accommodation or help to take care of yourself or your home;
  • the goals you want to achieve;
  • ways to manage your plan; and
  • the support you need to use your NDIS plan.


In return, you may wish to ask your Planner:

  • If I think of something I should have mentioned in our meeting after it ends, or receive additional information that might be useful to your decision-making, how can I let you know?
  • When and how will I receive my plan? This will depend on current timeframes, and could be by email or standard mail, depending on your preferences.
  • Can I receive help to understand and manage my plan? (Support Coordination and Plan Management are additional funding streams, which can be added to your plan).

It’s also useful to bring someone who knows you – and the NDIS – well to the meeting with you, along with any documentation that can help the Planner to understand the full picture of you, your health, disability and support needs.  

Most importantly, if anything is unclear or if you have any concerns, don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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