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We deliver disability support, differently.

Ready to redesign your life? At Love2Live we support people, like you, to create the life they’ve always dreamt of. Discover how our services can support you to kick goals and live life on your own terms. So, what are you waiting for?!

“He’s achieving all his goals now. And what I love to see is the staff participating with him and alongside him, rather than sitting in the corner letting him get on with it.”

Innovative community participation

If you have Capacity Building funding for ‘Increased Social and Community Participation’ in your NDIS plan then this could be a great service for you. As the name suggests, it’s all about building skills to actively participate in your community.

We tailor our supports to suit you and your individual goals, but the broad intent is to build resilience, support wellbeing and foster personal growth. We’ll help you to develop new skills and interests, increase your awareness and understanding of social norms, and get out into your own community as a full and connected participant.

Support coordination

Want to study, begin training or get a job, move out of home or even travel independently? We’ll support you to direct your life, not just coordinate your disability services.

Change is inevitable, but transitioning can be even more challenging when you have a disability. We’re here to support you as you move forward – in whatever direction you choose.

We can help you build capacity for independent living, self-care and travel, and enhance your social and communication skills. Everything you need to step into the next phase of your life.

Supported independent living

If you want to strike out on your own and live with housemates, our services can help. Enjoy living with others and learning how to help each other live with independence.

Usually, that will mean living in a residential unit in which two or more people with similar needs live together, helping each other to complete daily activities, share costs, and developing relationships along the way!

We deliver support for everything from personal care and hygiene to coordinating meal prep, and cleaning individual and shared spaces. Whatever you need to ensure life with housemates is smooth sailing.

Daily personal activities

Whether you live on your own or with family, if you need support with personal activities at home, out in the community or even on holidays, we can help.

We’ll support you get ready for the day, keep your living space clean, shop, prepare meals, maintain your social networks, enjoy hobbies and interests and more.

Our caring team will help you with whatever you need, and support you push your limits and achieve your individual goals around independence. Whatever you need, we’re there for you.

Development of daily living and life skills

Ready to become more self-sufficient? This service is all about enhancing your capabilities – so you can feel more confident about things like using public transport independently, practicing and maintaining personal hygiene, managing your money, taking care of your living space and so on. But it’s also about the bigger picture of building resilience, developing problem solving skills and even managing your funding.

We want to support you to live life as autonomously as possible – to develop skills that will help you meet the demands and challenges of life head-on.

Household tasks

There are certain things we all need to do to ensure we stay healthy, well and safe, including a whole lot of domestic chores! They mightn’t be fun, but they are essential.

As part of your NDIS package, you may be able to access assistance with things like cleaning your home, washing dishes and clothes, ironing, changing bedlinen, garden maintenance, vacuuming and more.

We can deliver a range of services to ensure that the essentials are done and your home stays fresh, clean and – above all – healthy and safe.

Assistance with travel / transport arrangements

Transport is critical when it comes to our community, social, economic and daily life activities. If your disability makes it challenging to access mainstream transport options, the NDIS can fund additional supports.

If travel challenges are proving a significant hurdle to living the life you want we can help you to overcome them with ease.

If you need assistance with getting to the shops, connecting with friends, going to work or attending appointments, our staff can help.

Participation in community / social and civic activities

Become an active part of your local community, with a little help. We’ll support you to develop the skills and abilities you need to become involved, and stay connected.

Social interaction is critical to our wellbeing – it’s important for both our mental and physical health, and plays a big part in increasing our independence. We’ll assist you in getting out and about, through activities and events or even just the day-to-day of shopping, coffees, hopping on the bus and getting to know the people around you.

Accommodation / tenancy assistance

It can be more challenging for people with a disability to gain, and retain, suitable rental accommodation. We can help you to not only find a great new place to live, but also overcome the challenges of meeting your tenancy obligations.

If you have issues paying rent on time, maintaining your property, or meeting social expectations, we can deliver one-on-one support to help you find, or stay in, the housing that best meets your needs.

We’ll work with you to understand the issues, give advice and support, and liaise with other service providers to make sure you’re receiving the best possible help.

We’re practical but we dream big. Together we kick NDIS goals.