Meet Love2Live

We do things differently. Disability support that’s all about you.

We’re the new kids on the block. A merry band of men and women who have collectively spent decades working in, or receiving services through, the disability sector. One day we decided to stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ organisation and instead go out and create it.

And so, Love2Live was born.

These days, we’re all about putting people before profit, and your goals above our bottom line. If you’ve always dreamt of a better life, or hardly dared imagine it was possible, it’s time we talked.

Your life, but better

We believe in listening more than we talk – because it’s our role to support your ambitions, not to define them. So, while we’ll always give it to you straight, we’ll never dictate, demand or dominate. This is your life. Design it and live it your way (with a little bit of help from us).

Here’s how…

Step One

Let’s start the conversation. Whether you’re new to the NDIS, or thinking about moving service provider, the best place to begin is with a chat. We’ll tell you whether we can deliver what you’re looking for, and if it sounds like we might be a match, we’ll meet in person.

Then the fun starts.

Step Two

There’s no ‘wham, bam, give us your plan’ round here! Prepare for a deep-dive into who we are, what you need, how you’re funded, and what we can achieve together.

Our preliminary meetings often take up to three hours, because we want to make sure we deliver a fantastic service from the very start.

Step Three

By now we hope you’ll be itching to join team L2L. So, if it seems like we’ve got what you’re looking for, we’ll go away and draft up a detailed service agreement. That will lay out what we’ve discussed – both what you expect to receive and what you hope to achieve – so you can sign on the dotted line.

However, if we discover we’re not a match, we’ll do our best to direct you to a more suitable provider.

Step Four

By this stage, we’ll have a good understanding of what makes you tick, so we’ll put our plans into action and find you the support workers you need to bring it all together. And, if you don’t click don’t worry, we understand that personal relationships are all-important.

As always, just talk to us, and we’ll try to resolve any concerns.

Step Five

Get on with living life your way. Because, whatever that looks like, it’s all yours.

Our values

Everyone says it, but for us it’s true – our values are fundamental to the way we do business. We need to know that we’re not only giving our best to you, but that it’s actually what you want and need. At Love2Live, we’re committed to the intent of the NDIS – your choice and your control.


We don’t just want to do ‘enough’, we want to do whatever we possibly can to help you achieve your goals. Because that’s the very least any one of us deserves.


This is your life and your money. We’ll be transparent about what we can achieve, about your funding, and your options. Informed, empowered customers are happy customers.


Our ethos of respect is stamped through everything we do. We deliver our services as equals – standing beside you to support and uplift.

“They’re trustworthy, down-to-earth and nothing is too much effort... but they also understand my role as his mum and his carer – it’s a very respectful partnership. Like nothing we’ve experienced before.”

Ready to experience the Love2Live difference? We can’t wait to meet you.